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Homemade Baby Food: Judah's First Tastes (Avocado & Banana)

Homemade Baby Food: Avocados

After feeding Judah store bought oatmeal and rice cereal, I started him on homemade baby food that did not need to be cooked.  Bananas are the most popular fruit to start with your baby, as they are high in nutrition and super easy to prepare.  Wait for it to ripen, then peel and mash!  You may need to add a little water, formula or breast milk to the mashed banana depending on the desired consistency.  Just add a little at a time.

Avocados (pictured above) are just as simple!  Your baby may not like the avocado at first, but wait a few days then try again.  Fortunately for us, Judah liked it right away.  But, be careful with avocado as it stains.  I learned this the hard way and ruined a couple of my favorite onesies and bibs.  Now, sometimes I just let him eat it when he’s only wearing a diaper.  🙂

To prepare the avocado, cut a ripened one in half with a sharp knife.  Discard the pit and scoop out the flesh.  Mash and add liquid as needed.  My advice is to try getting your baby to eat the avocado first, so he is used to the taste.  It’s a distinctly flavored fruit and very high in fat (good fat!).  And, the potassium and fiber content can not be beat!

**Freezer Friendly. Both bananas and avocados can be frozen.  Although I never did freeze any bananas because I used them up pretty quickly, I did freeze quite a bit of mashed avocados.  My avocados seemed to ripen right away, and I didn’t want them to go to waste.  Just add a splash of lemon juice (to preserve the green color) and scoop them into either ice cube trays or small freezer containers.  When ready to serve, thaw in the fridge or microwave for 30 seconds and stir.


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