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Starbucks Coffee Giveaway! – CLOSED

Starbucks Coffee Giveaway
As the title of this blog insinuates, I thrive on ways to save money.  So, when Starbucks contacted me about this giveaway and explained how I can save money by buying their newly sized store-packaged coffee rather than purchasing by the cup, I immediately jumped on board.  I love Starbucks coffee, but usually only stop in and treat myself if I have a gift card.  (Thanks to the in-laws!) However, Starbucks has convinced me that I can indulge in a cup of their coffee by brewing it at home – guilt free!

Starbucks Coffee
Brewing coffee at home is a tasty and affordable way to greatly reduce the cost of your daily morning routine. To help meet popular demand, Starbucks is expanding its packaged coffee portfolio where consumers buy groceries. For those who want to try a new blend but don’t want to commit to a larger size, the new 5-ounce package size is a great choice, and for those who have a favorite Starbucks coffee they enjoy regularly, the new 20-ounce size offers great value, penciling out to approximately only 25 cents per cup!

And more good news – to reward loyal Starbucks grocery shoppers, most coffee packages will include an offer for a free Tall (12-fulid ounce) brewed coffee at Starbucks locations when customers bring in their empty bag.

Here’s where the giveaway comes in.  Starbucks wants to give three of my readers an opportunity to try these new size packages.  This giveaway includes a Starbucks coffee mug, a 20-ounce bag of coffee and two 5-ounce bags.  Three winners will receive each of these items (as pictured above).

To enter the giveaway:

Please leave a comment on this post and share a money-saving tip.  It can be as simple as “I buy generic brands” or a ridiculous tip such as “I just don’t grocery shop!”  🙂  For extra entries and a better chance at winning, you can do as many of the following (1 bonus entry per option below):

  • Follow Pennies on a Platter on Twitter and Tweet! this post. Please leave me a link to your tweet or Twitter name.
  • Post the Pennies on a Platter fan badge on your blog sidebar. Please leave me a link to your blog.
  • Post a link to this post on your Facebook profile page.
  • Blog about this giveaway, with a link back to this post.
  • Subscribe to Pennies on a Platter via RSS or Facebook Networked Blogs.
  • Become a fan of Pennies on a Platter on Facebook.

Wow!  Lots of bonus options for you!  Am I nice or what? 🙂 If you opt for any of the bonus entries above, please let me know in your comment.

You must be a resident of the domestic United States to enter.  Please leave your email address in the field provided and not in the actual comment.  Giveaway ends Monday, February 1st at 8:00 AM PST. Three winners will be chosen randomly and announced in the afternoon Monday, February 1st.


110 Responses

  1. great giveaway, i always clip coupons and buy generic whenever i can for certain items..

  2. i added your badge to my blog

  3. added a post to my blog about your giveaway!

  4. i also subscribed to the RSS

  5. Totally related to your blog post – I always brew my own coffee at home instead of stopping at a coffee shop. That “latte factor” all adds up in the end!

  6. #1 – save money buy shopping at Trader Joe’s (always cheap!), and another tip: buy in bulk when possible!
    opt-in (because I really want to win & only go to Starbucks if I have GCs from my parents!).
    -Twitter: twitter name: courtneyluxon
    -link to post on FB profile
    -blog about this (icecreamandwine.blogspot.com)
    -become a fan on FB

  7. I clip coupon and really stock up when stores double up to $1.

  8. I clip coupons and stack them on top of the “in store” sales for that item…makes the savings HUGE!
    I posted a link on facebook, became a fan, and subscribed via facebook blogs. 🙂
    Yay for winning free stuff! haha

  9. I’m a fan on Facebook!

  10. I linked to this post on my Facebook page! 🙂

  11. I buy dried beans… we eat a LOT of beans and over time, buying dried instead of canned saves a ton of money!

  12. My favorite tip is very simple–don’t waste food. I try to really plan my meals and leftover consumption so I’m not throwing away food and dollars! I’ve also got you linked on my facebook page. Well, I will as soon as the school day is over and I can log on!

  13. I am a fan on facebook!

  14. Favorite tip is to match coupons up with weekly sale to save money.

  15. We try and cook as many meals at home as we can instead of going out to dinner. I always make enough so that we have the leftovers for lunches the next day.

  16. We do alot of make yourself: bread, yogurt, ice cream, pizza. Saves a few pennies and is also fun. 🙂

  17. I use coupons!

    I also subscribe via RSS

  18. The envelope system for groceries! Keeps me in budget and helps me plan to “indulge” every once in a while if I know I have the “extra” to spend. It’s great!

  19. also…i subscribe via google reader!

  20. and i’m a fan on Facebook!!

  21. What a fun giveaway! To save money, I plan a menu for the week and I clip coupons.

  22. I clip coupons and shop the sales.

  23. i grocery shop at Aldi–save serious money there!

  24. I am a huge couponer – I match coupons to weekly sales and stock up when prices are the lowest.

  25. and i’m a subscriber via google reader

  26. I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  27. What a great giveaway! I love Starbucks! To save money, I try to incorporate leftovers into other meals or freeze them for another time so they don’t go to waste!

  28. Make a grocery list using weekly coupons and the sale flyer and try to buy only waht is on the list.

  29. Oh and I subscribe through Google Reader.

  30. i plan a weekly menu and make my shopping list accordingly. i also try to use as many pantry items as possible. i clip coupons and find coupons online. i buy meat, chicken breast and fish in bulk and freeze & store in 2-serving packages. (i subscribe via google reader)

  31. Coupons- and I tell my boyfriend to eat less! 🙂

  32. Ok girlie, I obviously want a chance to win cuz I became a fan, posted a link to your blog at my food blog at morethanbody.blogspot.com AND here’s my way to save money: match coupons w/ sales. There you go 3 chances to win one of 3 prizes. Whoo hoo!

  33. Chance no. 4 I just posted it on my FB page. Thanks!

  34. I’m following you on Twitter, and tweet-ed this post (booksncooks2)

  35. And for my money-saving tip…. I keep a stash of store-brand frozen meals and individual tupperwares of chili / soup / meatsauce in the freezer. If we don’t have leftovers from lunch, we have a backup in the freezer for the next day. Keeps us from eating out!

  36. And subscribed to you on GoogleReader

  37. I use coupons, by generic sometimes and buy a lot of things in bulk.
    Becoming a fan on facebook!

  38. My money saving tip for this year is to stop buying magazines that share all their recipes online and seriously I have also given up coffee shop coffee this year and am splurging on more whole beans. I use a small french press and a 16 oz bag makes about 30 cups and lasts me a month.

    Also, for other entries. I already subscribe to your RSS feed and it is posted on my blog. I just became your fan on Facebook and I will follow you on Twitter as well.
    Thanks for the great giveaway. It is great to see you posting again.

  39. I chop up extra veggies and freeze them so they don’t spoil. It saves me time too because later I have veggies for soup, pizza, or other dishes and I don’t have to take the time to chop for each recipe.

  40. I clip coupons and try to plan meals around the sales in the papers. I also already am a fan on facebook!

  41. I buy generic brands and I do a meal plan for the week!! Added to facebook and shared the link to here.

  42. coupons coupons and more coupons thanks

  43. I’m the only one in the house that takes a sandwich for lunch. To keep the bread from molding before it’s eaten, I stick it in the freezer. Every morning I take out 2 pieces of bread to thaw and then make my sandwich. This keeps me from having to throw away bread that has molded.

  44. I try to plan meals ahead whenever possible. It’s easier said than done, most weeks. Also, I take my lunch to work every day.

  45. I follow on Twitter. I’m @rustysgirl8

  46. I’m a facebook fan.

  47. I posted it on my fb wall.

  48. I plan my meals two weeks ahead of time, and then plan grocery shopping to only include the items needed to make those dishes. This saves me a lot of money and keeps me from buying cookies! 🙂

  49. I’m a coupon clipper:)

  50. I buy store brand items a lot, and clip coupons!

  51. I discipline myself to shop just once a week, and I make do with what I have in the pantry and fridge.

  52. I clip coupons.

  53. i subscribe via RSS

  54. I follow Pennies on Twitter cdziuba and tweeted http://twitter.com/cdziuba/status/8302556438

  55. follow on Networked Blogs Carol P Dziuba

  56. Carol P Dziuba Facebook fan

  57. I posted your giveaway on my Facebook page Carol P dziuba http://www.facebook.com/#/profile.php?id=752204468&ref=nf

  58. My husband and I take a look at the flyers for the week. Write down what is on sale that we need and then search through our coupon box for corresponding coupons and then go on line to see if we can get online coupons attached to the store cards to use toward purchases as well.

  59. I make my own laundry detergent, fabric softener, and stain remover!

  60. We save money buy shopping with deals are 10 for $10!

  61. I try to stock up on items I use all the time when they are on sale. I always check the sales flyer and make a list before heading to the store.

  62. I cut coupons, read ads, and make a grocery list EVERY time I go to the store. It keeps me from wandering and grabbing unneeded items 🙂 I also try to use coupons or scout out deals at restaurants when we eat out.

  63. I faithfully watch store ads and shop at several stores to get the best deal. I also request price matching at Wal-mart when the same products are available.

  64. I often buy the store brand and also stock up when they are having the big sales.

  65. I always use coupons and stock up during sales to maximize my savings.

  66. I clip coupons, and I stock up on sale items–and I plan my shopping trip out well. I am lucky enough to have 5 or 6 markets close enough to shop at so I usually will hit 2 or 3 markets even if I only buy one or two items if it’s next to my normal shop–it’s worth the effort.

  67. following on twitter as darcybel

  68. fan on facebook

  69. I buy in bulk when I can and always use coupons.

  70. I make my grocery list ahead of time, check out the ads, and use coupons

  71. I clip coupons, try to buy wisely at the store and cook at home as much as possible. I also pack my lunch every day.

  72. I clip coupons and stalk sales flyers. I also shop at Wal-mart for things such as health and beauty items. And I always stick to a list.

  73. I am a coupon shopper and watch the ads every week. I buy whats on sale and combine the sales with coupons to get the best deals and sometimes free.

  74. I clip coupons, but also buy some items in bulk. Since I have been laid off for over a year, I’ve had the time to comparison shop and know what stores have the best the prices. Also, our grocery store will double coupons up to $1, so savings can really add up. I’m a really healthy eater, so I don’t buy many processed foods. It can be a little more expensive in the winter, but it’s great in the summer to buy from local growers.

  75. I would looove to have starbucks at home! I always keep re-usable bags on-hand so that I get my $0.05 – 0.25 credit per bag every time I shop. Every little bit helps!

  76. I also became a Facebook fan!

  77. I am the coupon clipping queen, it has saved me so much over the years…

  78. I prepare a grocery list to match my meal plan and only buy things on my list!

  79. I use coupons with sales, buy generic items and buy large quantities.

    Nycole K

  80. I always buy on sale and use coupons (combine store and manufacture’s ) to max the saving!

  81. @tcarolinep twitter follower and tweet.http://twitter.com/tcarolinep/status/8337949509

  82. I’m a subscriber.

  83. FB fan@tcarolinep JessieKatie S.

  84. Hey Nikki! I added a link to your blog on mine, workingmomscook.com! Gave me a great reason to figure out how to do it! Money saving tip – shop without the kids with you throwing everything in the cart! Really, having hubby stay with the kids really allows me to focus on my list (te list is essential!) and not overspend because I’m distracted.

  85. Oops…here’s the e-mail address…

  86. I tend to buy a lot of store brand items that usually are comparable in taste and alot cheaper in price!

  87. I follow your RSS feeds!

  88. I follow you on twitter and retweeted the contest. (winterbabe98)

  89. I buy in bulk when I see a sale. Also, I store most of my groceries (bread, bagels, rolls, fruit) in the fridge- almost nothing on the counters. They last longer this way, therefore saving me some more money. 🙂

    I posted this link to FB.

  90. I look for things that are on sale AND I have a coupon for, so lots of stuff ends up being super cheap or sometimes free.

  91. I also just started following your RSS feed!

  92. I always clip coupons and buy on sale. I also shop at CVS, Walgreens and RiteAid and take advantage of their various Rebate/ExtraBuck deals. I haven’t paid for toiletries in years!

  93. I bring breakfast AND lunch to work almost everyday..and even my snacks! I also started clipping coupons!

  94. I am a big couponer and try to match coupons to sales and stock up. I also price match sales at Walmart to save even more on their everyday prices.

  95. I follow on Twitter @eswright18 and tweeted. http://twitter.com/eswright18/status/8387630126

  96. i brew my Coffee at home saves money and i can make it the way i want

  97. Join Freecycle…. Great way to get items you really need for free

  98. follow you on twitter…..

  99. Became on fan on facebook Kathy D

  100. To save money, I stock up on items when they are on sale, whether it be canned goods, toilet paper, etc. For example, when whole wheat bread and/or butter are on sale I buy a few and freeze them until needed.
    I will become a fan on facebook.

  101. I always use coupons and combine them with sales!

  102. I cut lots and lots of coupons!!!!

  103. I always use coupons and shop around for the best prices.

  104. clip coupons and shop sales!

  105. Mmmmm… Coffee. I like this give away!!

  106. I buy in bulk and try to meal plan around the sales.

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