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Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookie Brownies

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookie Brownies

Bakerella is a genius, even if her genius ideas come from Betty Crocker, like this one. Allow me to continue praising Bakerella while I’m on the subject. If you haven’t checked out her website, you must now.  She’s so witty and creative with anything she puts together in the kitchen.  And, her food photos?…don’t even get me started!  A-MAZ-ING!

Now that I’ve finished my Bakerella-love narrative, let’s get on with the brownie recipe!  This is probably the easiest dessert I’ve put together, and of course, it was for our Super Bowl party.  I made the decision to make simple, quick, easy dishes this year…so that I could relax and enjoy the game with our friends.  These brownies were perfect for this!

The original recipe of Betty Crocker is for Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, but I love the peanut butter and chocolate combination, so naturally had to go with Peanut Butter Cookie dough instead.  Bakerella added a ganache topping, but since I knew some guests were bringing other desserts, I left the frosting off to ease up some of the richness.  I’m glad I did, because the brownies were delicious without it.

Are you ready for the recipe?  No, seriously, get ready, because the steps will come and disappear quickly with just the blink of your eyes!  Here we go…

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookie Brownies (adapted from Bakerella & Betty Crocker)

1 box Betty Crocker Original Supreme brownie mix (water, oil, eggs as directed on package)
1 pouch (1 lb 1.5 oz) Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie mix (plus ingredients needed listed on package)

Heat oven to 350˚F. Grease 9″x13″ pan. Prepare brownie mix as directed on package, pour in pan. Prepare cookie mix as directed on package, and drop by tablespoons evenly onto brownie mix; push down lightly. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until toothpick inserted 2 inches from edge comes out almost clean.  Cool completely, at least 1 hour, and cut into squares.


9 Responses

  1. These brownies were amazing! I can hear them crying out from the container shouting, “eat me!”

  2. Man, I wish I was at the party YOU went to! These look awesome!

  3. Oh jeez….could that look any more amazing? Thanks for sabotaging all our diets..

  4. I made this as well though I made the original one. The brownie was moist but the “cookie” was on the dry side. (though no one complained) I nuked them for a 18 seconds & topped them with Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream which really took them to the next level. Like you I didn’t add the frosting. It’s a grand idea but next time I’m going to try the peanut butter cookie mix instead.

    Bakerella does rock with her creative ideas & photos!

  5. This is my kind of baking….. two main ingredients. They look really good. I think I can handle making these.
    love yous

  6. Did I see these on tastespotting?? I swear I’ve drooled over this photo somewhere else…. 😛 😛

  7. Those brownies look really good!

  8. Your photos are beautiful, and these brownies sound incredible. Thanks for sharing!

  9. i am absolutely making these. keep the peanut butter chocolate recipes coming!

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