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Penny Pincher: Save Those Expired Coupons!

Some of my Penny Pincher tips might be old news to you, but my hope is that at least one person out there finds it as a new idea. Today’s Penny Pincher tip is about saving your coupons even after the expiration date.

In one of my college marketing classes, I distinctly remember my professor telling us that most stores honor expired coupons. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Some stores are very open about disregarding the coupon’s expiration date.

One store that comes to mind is Bed Bath & Beyond. Sign up on their mailing list, and you will receive an abundance of 20% coupons and coupons for $5 off your $15 purchase. There is an expiration date posted on these coupons, but keep them anyway. BBB is known for always accepting expired coupons. I have piles saved. This is also important: They also accept Linens ‘N Things 20% off coupons. So save those, too! Keep in mind, when using your BBB coupons, it says you get 20% off only one item. Don’t think you can only use one coupon for each transaction. They will accept up to five 20% off coupons. So, if you have five coupons, you can buy five items at 20% off on one transaction.

Hope you find this helpful. Clip out those BBB and Linens N Things coupons, and find a special place to store them. You’ll be happy you did.


2 Responses

  1. another tid bit is that they will take more than one $5 off $15 coupon… so you don’t have to buy 2 $15 items to use the 2 coupons… as long as all the items in your cart total $30, they will let you use both coupons 🙂

  2. You could get coupons from magazines and newspaper ads. Pay close attention the to the expiration dates on them also. If you ever have access to the internet go to the web sites for the products you use. A number of of them give coupons that they’ll mail to you or that you can print at household. If these websites offer an opt in list for you to obtain promotions and coupons by e-mail then benefit from it.

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