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Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken & Two Buck Chuck

If you don’t already know that there is a Trader Joe’s grocery store near you, then pause right now and visit their website to see if you can locate one. This is one of my favorite places to buy groceries, especially when I’m in a more adventurous mood. Even when I don’t have much money to spend, it’s fun to go and look at the unique grocery items they carry.

I want to share two of our favorites from this store. The first one is Two Buck Chuck. This is Trader Joe’s cheapest wine, called Charles Shaw. In California, the wine is actually $2 (bucks) per bottle, but here it is $3. (Still cheap!) It’s actually great wine, too! We’ve heard the story as this: Charles Shaw is a man who owns a very nice vineyard in California. He went through a nasty divorce and since his ex-wife was going to take a big portion of the winery profits, he decided to charge very little for the wine so his ex couldn’t take much profit. A few months ago, this brand of wine won a tasting contest over bigger named wines. It really is good stuff!

Next, our new discovery from TJ is the frozen Orange Chicken meal. It doesn’t come with the rice (I just use Minute Rice) but it comes with the chicken and sauce. You cook the chicken in a large skillet over the stove-top for only 10 minutes and heat the sauce in the microwave. I have to tell you, and Ben would agree, that this Orange Chicken is just as good as any!,..if not, better! It’s crispy, fresh tasting, and delicious! I’ve read and heard others’ reviews of this same product, and not one has been bad.

So there is my cheap tid-bit for the day…or week… maybe month?

Treat yourself to a trip to Trader Joe’s and pick up some Orange Chicken and Two Buck Chuck while you’re there!


3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single Trader Joe’s in the WHOLE state of Texas. How does that happen?

    Random request–can I find out where you got the recipe for the ice cream cake you made last summer? 🙂

  2. That ice cream cake recipe came from Rachael Ray’s magazine… I’ll have to post it on here.

  3. I’ll have to check out this orange chicken you speak of….I love orange chicken and there is a TJ’s down the street from us.

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